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Life has its ups and it's downs.... Please read lol

cwuk2001 Mar 15, 2012

  1. cwuk2001

    cwuk2001 Member

    Ok soni haven't been on in a while with work and things but I'd just like to have a quick rant and a moan!

    I have owned the Audi just coming up to a year now and all has been great and I am well impressed, we have covered 25k in the last 12 months and she hasn't skipped a beat

    Unfourtanately on the modding side I haven't really got down to much as we are saving for a house at the moment and to be honest I was quite happy with tinted windows rs4 grill And fog inserts with my xeononed front end, whilst at work one day my lovely other half decided to do a spot of retail therapy with a friend, unfortunately mr plod was sat in his traffic BMW minding his own business obviously looking out for real criminals you no the ones with no insurance, local drug takers, thieving little Biggs etc etc etc when he came acrsoss my lovely clean and detailed liquid blue Audi, he began to follow my other half and her friend who are both 19 drivi around in an Audi s line as you do at that age. After 2 miles or so he pulled them over for further investigation approached my better half asked her to sit in the front of the car and began to explain that my number plates were illegally spaced, none reflective and featured a lovely s line badge at the side! Now when I say illegally spaced I hadn't changed the 3 to look like an e and so on it was basically letter space letter space etc, now I no I am to blame for this but it's hardly the end of the world, he then proceeded to my front windows which was around medium smoked and began to give her a good telling off for this also by the end of it all he then told her she would be getting a £200 fine and 6 points which to my other halfs reply was "oh s**t" as she hasn't passed her test for 2 or more years which would result to a temporary ban an re sit her test. When explained to mr plod he took pity on her and decided to give her a £30 fine, remove the window tints at the side of a busy road at peak time and instructed her I had 30 days to get my number plate made legal or dvla would be revoking my plate! I wasnt 100% happy as my car took a imagery battering but glad on the other half for my much beloved other half :p

    I think when I saw the car I began to loose love/interest... For it :( but just plodded on after all I might get to drive it maybe nice a week if I'm lucky because off work.

    If things couldn't get any worse I was at home one evening the other half had nipped to her mothers and I was doing a spot of gardening and genal tidying up. My phone rung other halfs name showing I answered with her frantically screaming you better come up here my mum has reversed into your car now first impressions I wasn't very happy but I thought how bad can it be a small ding which can be rectified at a good price. On approach to the vehicle only what can be described as my mother in law to be attempting the land speed record in reverse!!!! The passengers side door was stoved in and all the rear door scraped and marked, I tried to open the passenger door but it was stuck after a good shove from the inside manged to get it open an explore the damage! It wasn't good but lucklly my lovely mother in law to be gave me her insurance details apologised numerous times and even bought us a take away!

    When having a word with my insurance they sorted everything out and provided me with a BMW 118d msport in white fully loaded! Lovely car and only £30 road tax! Whilst having the passenger side sorted I also asked if they would do the front of the car as she's gathering a few stone chips in her old age so all being well she will be like a new vehicle once I have got her back!

    I will put pics up Saturday once I've picked it up.. I've perked up a little and ordered a few things to get her looking great again!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully a little giggle as well :p
  2. JDM82

    JDM82 Member

    I feel your pain :sorry:

    Can I jump on this and have a little moan of my very own......

    I bought some very nice headlights for my A4 from Germany. There very nice but unfortunately for a LHD car so having received them today I need to send them back. Now that is upsetting enough but what makes it so much worse is it cost me 13 euros delivery to get them here yet its gunna cost me £50 to send them back! The size of the package is immense and I need to insure them due to them being worth £300. So all in all, Im a unhappy chappy.
  3. cwuk2001

    cwuk2001 Member

    "hugs" lol
  4. bigrich690

    bigrich690 Active Member

    I was having a good day today but now I'm very sad
  5. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Damn that copper was in a bad mood huh, I mean how smoked were the windows, but tbh fella, plates are a hot thing now with vosa & cops, I've failed on a plate that as actually perfectly normal & passed the year before, then they failed cause the font was wrong, anyway got new plates that afternoon, passed no worries, point being, leave plates as should be mate, just asking for trouble & he may not have pulled you if plates were ok, at least its turned out ok at end.
  6. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    Bad luck on the run in with the coppers... They really should find something better to do with their time!

    I've been debating wether or not to get my rear number plate replaced and omitt the name of the place it was made & the standard logo in the bottom right hand corner (both legal requirements apparently), also wanted a dark green GB symbol to match the paintwork... are 'logos' or symbols (other than Blue/Yellow GB) all illegal in the eyes of the law?
  7. cwuk2001

    cwuk2001 Member

    aparently so... he even told me to remove my number plate surrounds as this reduces the size of the plate!! wasnt happy, no logos, symbols, slogans, etc... you can have the gb and obviously standard sized lettering etc...
  8. Richardesty

    Richardesty loves quattro

    Unfortunately where vehicle law is concerned, there is legal, and illegal..........you took a risk and lost :no:

    As for the mother in law, clearly she needed putting down - preferably before she ate her take-away :icon_thumright:
  9. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I hear ketamin is good for that

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