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Lexus LC500 V8

NFox Aug 12, 2017

  1. NFox

    NFox S3 Black Edition Team Phantom Audi S3 Black Edition

    Hi all,

    Been a bit quiet on the video front as I have been doing a lot of projects which I am unfortunately unable to share. However I was invited along to film Sytner Lexus Bristol's launch event for the LC500 and they are more than happy for me to share what we captured on the day!

    I must admit I knew very little of the car before shooting the day and really didn't know what to expect. I have to say though the car is simply gorgeous, such a beautiful design and the soundtrack compliments it perfectly. Lexus are clearly heading in to new territories with the LC (LFA to one side) but I really am looking forward to seeing what they do with the brand over the coming years.

    Comments and critique welcome as always :)

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