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Lewis Hamilton

TRS1 Dec 3, 2006

  1. TRS1

    TRS1 Topper Harley

    As this section of the forum is currently dead!

    Lewis Hamilton at Mclaren. Good signing by Ron or too high a risk?:shrug:
  2. leecs3

    leecs3 thinking about stuff

    he's been with Mclaren since 1998 so it was aways on the card for an F1 drive. Moving from karts to Formula Renaults and winning 10 out of 15 races and 15 outta 20 in F3. Lewis is the biggest talent out there, about as near to a sure thing as you'll ever see. Brave as Mika and a thinker like schumi, Alonso is going to have a tough year. Lets hope that the 07 car is a good one.
  3. touring50

    touring50 New Member

    Watched Hamilton at Silverstone this year and he really made the place come alive, got to be good for F1. Give him a shot and see if he can make it. Needs a good car though Jenson has always been one season away from having a good car it seems . Hope Honda sort it for next year. It would be good to have two British drivers fighting for podiums
  4. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

    Hope he does well remember Nico Rosberg? He is still young anyway
  5. TRS1

    TRS1 Topper Harley

    I also saw him at Silverstone this year and he went 3 wide right infront of me and gained 2 places! Pretty awesome moment :)

    Personally I am a bit of a JB fan and really wish Honda would get the car sorted for him. Wouldn't it be great to see 2 brits fighting for the world championship?!

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