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Lets talk about Shifiting/Clutching/RPM's

Sen Sen Mar 28, 2008

  1. Sen Sen

    Sen Sen New Member

    Just bought a stock 2001 A4, I've been driving it for about 2 weeks now and am still having trouble with smooth accelerations off the line.
    I want to drive the smoothest and fastest possible.

    I notice the clutch needs a lot of travel distance from the floor before it will engage the gear. I literally have to lift my heel off the floor mat to release the clutch further before it catches and starts to move the vehicle.

    1) Is this the same for many of you ? I think my clutch is just really worn, am I wrong?

    2) Also, how high do you push your RPM's before upshifting to 2nd ?

    I notice when in starting in first I really only move about 20ft before needing to upshift to 2nd (usually 3500rpm)

    3) I wanna know if you guys rev more or less than what I do between 1st and 2nd?

    4) What do you usually push your RPM's to before shifting up for 1st,2nd, 3rd,4th,5th?

    5) Any tips for driving stick in an A4 ? Cause I know this bitch can go faster than how I'm driving it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. macca

    macca Member

    first of all, what engine you have 1.8T???

    mine boosts well so i tend to shift around 5.5-6k as once turbo kicks in it revs quite quick.

    between revs i keep small amount of throttle on, say 2.5 to 3k as this seems to keep turbo spinning, until i get anti lag this is the best i can do.

    revs in first depends on how much traction i get as this is normally the limiting factor in my fwd. i get wheelspin all the way to 4th. if roads are absolutly bone dry.

    i found my b&m shortshifter helped a lot as the stick has a long throw on it.

    also i don't like the way the revs take a year to drop, i guess this maybe the dual mass flywheel. either that or the mapping has some over running in it or something. i'm going to try a light weight flywheel soon and see how i get on.
  3. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    Yeah the bite on the stock clutch is really high. I didnt like it but you get used to it.

    My new clutch has a much lower bite.
  4. hiltoa

    hiltoa VAG erfahren

    Tell me about it! These Southbend clutches are a completely different beast to the stock setup...:weight_lift2:
  5. billybravo

    billybravo Active Member

    mine isnt on the light single mass flywheel its like stock but hard as ****

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