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Let the modding begin

Jonni May 12, 2013

  1. Jonni

    Jonni Active Member

    Well let the modding begin. After the remap i want more power lol dont we all. So had a dig about and found my self a nice Audi TTS engine cover off a forum member at a good price with all the nessacery hardware to make it fit the S3. So this arrived and i put it away in a safe place for later and started to think about getting parts together to go stage 2+.


    With the cover sorted i got back on the net and started looking at CAI and the APR fuel pumps.

    Really like the revo CAI but i think i am going to go down the ITG route . So thats on my list and will order the intake later this week.

    Next month i will just be saving a few bucks and then the following month will be getting a full TBE. Probs go down the Milltek route as had one on the golf and didnt skip a beat. Also will be going for a sports cat as cant be bothered to mess about mot time with a decat. And i am not wanting huge power just stage 2+ will be enough for me . And i have been told that a sports cat will be fine for this.

    My plan is to get my TBE fitted at Awesome Gti and try get the APR fuel pump upgrade done whilst there. So hopefully will leave there work shop with TBE and APR fuel pump fitted and i will have already have fitted the CAI. Then drive from there to a hotel for the night and then into R-tech the following day for stage 2+ . WELL THATS THE PLAN LOL. Its just getting all the bits together that takes time

    Getting there slowly but surley.


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