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Let The Fun Begin

ScottyBoy Jun 27, 2006

  1. ScottyBoy

    ScottyBoy Audi A4 TDI Owner

    cars been in my garage since friday and hasnt moved, went to start it today and flat as a pancake

    central lockings ok , dash lights ok , etc , when i go to turn it over i get the 3 beeps which indicate alarm low battery warning , from what i read here etc

    iam going to jump it after work just for now but are they that bad (diesels) that you cant leave them long or that the battery may be on its last legs

    i know they need heavy duty ones, is there a light i should wait for on the dash for the glow plugs or something :keule:

  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    nothing to do with your recent headunit installation is it?
  3. ScottyBoy

    ScottyBoy Audi A4 TDI Owner

    i hope not

    i did what i was instructed on here so if iam running the same as everyone else it should be ok, i wired yellow and red together on the hu to the blue and red wire on the audi loom, and all speakers etc together , turn it off and on manually via the button on the hu

    otherwise nowts changed !

    just the fact its not been used as awaiting some parts :)

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