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Left Parking light bulb failure warning

psychopomp1 May 6, 2012

  1. psychopomp1

    psychopomp1 Member

    On my A4 (05 plate) i've had a 35w HID xenon aftermarket kit fitted for the last 7 years (dipped beams only). About a year ago, i started to get left parking bulb failure even though the bulb was fine...however this seemed to be a temporary glitch and after a month or two never got the warning again. Last week i got a new 55w HID kit fitted (replaced 35w kit) and the dreaded parking light warning has returned even though the bulb is fine. Will replacing the left parking light bulb fix this or does this indicate something more serious?
    Cheers :)
  2. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    Change the bulb. I have had a warning for a while, on off. Led bulb and was fine,turns out if was loose is the holder. Check the front side light next time you get the warning and see if it working..

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