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Leeky100 -93

jabbal Sep 28, 2003

  1. jabbal

    jabbal New Member

    I Have a 100 Avant from -93, I love this car dearly and now that it has become to old for my day to day use I intend to keep it as a entusiast-car. It is, although high milage in good contidion.

    But there is one thing that keeps on pestering me, when it has rain for a few hours and I take the car for a drive the footvents, placed unde the dashboard unloads a lot of water al over my feats! What could this possibly be? When I have tried it at home bu poring water on the car there is no leekage inside and waters is poring from underneth the car as it should.

    Anyone who has had the same problem?

    I would really appriciate some help on this one.
  2. OutLore

    OutLore VOIP Dude

    Does the car have a sunroof? Make sure the drains for the roof are clear from debris.
  3. VR6T

    VR6T New Member

    Check on the scuttle panel next to where the inner wing meets it there is a join you will probably find this is where the leak is....

    Take all the carpets out and make sure that you get all the insulation dry before you stick it back in, it takes ages to dry

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