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LED tail light installed but Air con fan stopped blowing

nicholastyc Jun 23, 2012

  1. nicholastyc

    nicholastyc New Member

    Hi all,

    I have replaced my 2005 A3 Spback with the Kufatec LED tail light. I have recode it, the light works fine.
    Problem is my air con fan stopped blowing... no air coming out and the control is fine.
    I have a dual zone climate control air con.

    anyone had this before?

    the codes changed are:

    Btye 9 to Dec = 0 - as the final brake light
    Byte 10 to Dec = 0 - Fog lamps as a taillight
    Byte 12 to Dec = 36 - dimming rear standlight
    Byte 19 Bit 2 Cold Diagnosis rear active - this must be activated

    Please help.. i am new here.. its winter now in Aus..without heater is not very comfortable in the morning. Thanks!

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