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LED side lights, Which ones and what upgrade for front fogs?

S3 Paul Nov 22, 2010

  1. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    I know i know i know...
    Been covered, I looked in the search section and didnt realy find the answers i wanted,

    Basicaly, I want to replace the side light bulbs on my face lift S3 , with something that looks more white than orange/yellow. I did a while back try some LED items bought at ultimate dubs show but they looked like a cross between disco balls and something from star trek.
    Is there a good option that dont stand out like a saw thumb? and will not blow every week?
    While playing about with uprating the bulbs i thought ... had anybody fitted some better bulbs to the fogs and main beam that look more in keeping with the whiter xenon of the head lights?

    Please help and stop me buying blindly from ebay to find more and more poor quality bulbs
  2. rob_sri

    rob_sri If in doubt, flat out

    sidelights wise i have used some SMD 501 bulbs from ebay and for my fogs i have put in a HID kit H7...never seen it done before but it looks awesome i think!
  3. SamiG

    SamiG On Boost, ish.

    I used some 7 LED sidelight bulbs from ebay and they were great. Really bright and the same colour a the Xenon headlamps but... they blew every couple weeks :( i have a few more sets and my mate at VW recommended upping the amp fuse so i'l give that a whiz and see if it makes a difference :)

    I like the idea of the HID conversion for the fogs too :D

    Also, the super white HID effect headlamp bulbs from Halfords work a treat for main beam bulbs! My mate done it in his car on the dipped beam bulbs and fooled everyone into thinking he had HID's they were that good.
  4. rob_sri

    rob_sri If in doubt, flat out


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