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LED Rear Lights

ScottishA4B9 Jun 1, 2012

  1. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi saloon

    Hi All,

    Can someone please tell me when in 2009 the LED rear lights were standard?
  2. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    Around July/Aug.
  3. Zafi

    Zafi Well-Known Member

    not standard on SE though ;)
  4. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    Some S-Lines had them as an optional extra - although I think these were the early 2008/9 cars.
  5. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi saloon

    Thanks guys!:icon_thumright:
  6. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi saloon

    Is it possible to retrofit the LED lights on a b8? If so, is it expensive/big job?
  7. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    AFAIK if the car has front Xenons then the LED rears come with.

    I will check this now.
  8. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

  9. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi saloon

    No, Im still waiting for the garage send me some pics.
  10. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    I have them. Apparently it was made standard on the 2010 (59 onward) s-line models.
  11. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

  12. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi saloon

    Can you fit LED rears to a 2009 model though and is it a big job? (I'm hoping mine will have them)
  13. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    have you got the reg plate and we can check
  14. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    Exterior color:
    Misano Red pearl Effect
    Interior color:
    Seat cover: black and silver
    Dashboard: black
    Carpeting: black
    Heaven: black
    Audi A4 sedan
    Purchase Price in €:
    standard equipment

    Front and rear floor mats
    velor, carpet color matched to the selected
    Space-saving spare wheel
    including jack in the trunk
    speed-sensitive power steering
    Anti-theft wheel bolts
    only be solved through the supplied adapter
    in the luggage compartment
    Dressings with warning triangle
    Dressings in the rear center armrest storage compartment, Warning triangle with holder on the inside of the tailgate
    ISOFIX child seat attachment
    for the rear seats
    Rear seat armrest
    1/3, 2/3 folding, four lashing eyes in luggage compartment (standard on Avant and quattro drive vehicles)
    Automatically opening boot lid
    When unlocking the luggage space by radio remote control, key in the door or by pressing the soft touch release at the tailgate pivots the tailgate automatically.
    Full-size airbags for driver and front passenger with passenger airbag deactivation
    adaptively based position detection, airbags for driver and front passenger, head airbag system, side airbags (thorax-pelvis airbags front)
    Exterior mirror housings in body color
    luggage net
    Trunk Flooring
    Aspheric mirrors with integrated side indicators in the right LED technology, electrically adjustable, body-color housing, mirror glass
    Car alarm
    including interior monitoring and tow-away protection by inclination angle sensor can be switched off, on-board voltage-independent signal horn for monitoring doors, bonnet and boot lid
    12-volt socket in luggage compartment rear right
    Without lane change assistant
    Daytime running lights with separate reflectors
    Fog lights integrated in the bumper
    Special features

    Cast aluminum wheels 8J x 18, 5-spoke design
    S line logos
    on the front fenders
    Vents in aluminum look, light switch and the electromechanical parking brake
    245/40 R 18
    Sprint cloth / leather with S line embossed into the front seatbacks (quattro GmbH)
    Sports front seats
    with pronounced side bolsters for improved lateral support when cornering, as well as with electric 4-way lumbar support, tilt the seat manually adjustable, with extendable thigh support (standard on the A4 Ambition)
    S line sports suspension
    with more dynamic suspension tuning and suspension lowering by 30 mm

    An offer from quattro GmbH
    Bumper reinforces
    Front and rear bumpers, side ventilation grilles and diffuser in sporty, distinctive design, painted in body color
    S line multifunction sports leather steering wheel, 3-spoke design (quattro GmbH)
    Elimination of the type and capacity specified
    Heated front seats
    heated seats and backs, sports seats and leather upholstery and seat bolsters, adjustable in six steps, for driver and front passenger seat can be adjusted separately
    Mirror control
    including Licht-/Regensensor
    Gloss package
    Roof frame and window capping strips in an anodized aluminum B-pillar trim and exterior triangular panel at the rear door high-gloss black
    Matt brushed aluminum inlays
    Front center armrest
    in the longitudinal direction, with two 12-volt socket in center console
    Headlining in black cloth
    Mirrors, electrically adjustable, heated and anklapp, automatically dimming
    with integrated side indicators in LED technology, housing in body color, mirror glass aspheric
    Audi music interface
    for connecting Apple iPod generation 4 (iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod photo, iPod video) and USB storage devices and MP3 players (USB 2.0), operated via the MMI system or the multi-function leather steering wheel ( if ordered), check in the glove compartment.
    Note: Use only in conjunction with a special adapter cable (available from Audi Genuine Accessories)

    For more information about this special equipment is available at Redirect.
    Door sills with S line logo
    4-way lumbar support
    electric, for driver and front passenger seat, horizontally and vertically adjustable
    Navigation DVD (Europe, where digitized)
    Navigation system with color screen
    Xenon plus
    with increased light output for low and high beam, headlight washer system, automatic headlight range control and daytime running lights with LED technology
    for controlling the automatic headlights, the coming home / leaving home function and automatic wiper function, including windscreen with gray color strip at the top
    Automatic headlight range control
    dynamic (regulated within normal operation)
    Cruise control
    maintains the desired speed from about 30 km / h constant, if it allows the engine power, additional active brake intervention, such as hill descent, touch-control stalk, set the display speed in the driver information system
    Headlamp cleaning system
    uses water and high pressure, for better lighting and visibility
    Radio "HIGH"
    Three-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning
    with sunlight-dependent control, electronic air temperature, amount and distribution, separate temperature distribution for the driver and passenger side and rear, temperature control and air distribution front to the left and right adjustable, air conditioning control panel to adjust the rear room temperature in the rear center console, automatic air recirculation control with air quality sensor , climate control panel with digital display front, rain, light and humidity sensor with combination filter, indirect ventilation
    Driver information system with color display
    provide you with information on a display of on-board computer and auto-check system, also the display for radio frequency display and the shift indicator is used, high-resolution display, thereby improving visibility and readability
    Audi Sound System
    6-channel amplifier, 10 speakers including center speaker in the dashboard and a subwoofer in the rear shelf, total output 180 watts
    Audi Bluetooth car phone
    The innovative phone solution combines all the advantages of a mobile phone preparation with the performance of a classic built phone, the Audi Bluetooth car phone (with its own GSM module) attacks via Bluetooth to the data of the mobile phone and the handset switches to standby mode, the only requirement is a mobile phone with SIM Access Profile; with digital signal processing, echo cancellation and environment-dependent noise suppression, voice over the sound system of the vehicle, for D-and E-net, hands-free microphones in the front roof module incorporated; operation of MMI, the multifunction steering wheel, Spachbedienung or via the optional handset; separate roof antenna

    For more information about this special equipment is available at Audi Deutschland > Home phone /.
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  15. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi saloon

    Wow! Cheers for that Ste_Nova! Legend!:thumbsup:
    I've just got to try and understand it now! lol
  16. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi saloon

    Just trying to figure out what extras it has from the list! Hmmm......

    Seat Cover: Black & Silver - Does that mean Black with the silver stitching?
    S line sports suspension - Is that no charge Optional extra?
    Gloss Package - What's that?
    Radio High - Again, What's that?
    Not sure exactly what Bluetooth it is. I've tried looking it up in the 2009 Brochure

    Is there any other extras that I've missed and anybody else can spot?

    Doesn't look like it has parking sensors then!
  17. kev.s

    kev.s Active Member

    mine never :(
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  18. Marcustandy

    Marcustandy New Member

    Same here.
  19. 5102 IA

    5102 IA Member

    I've an August 2008 S-Line avant (front Xenons but not LED rears) and have retro fitted the LED rear lamp units.
    The expensive part is the lamp clusters - I was lucky and found a set on ebay for £200, but usually go for more.
    Its not a simple plug and play though as you need to do some rewiring and also recoding. Kufatec comes in here and do a kit that comprises of the necessary wiring harness and a dongle that plugs into the OBD port and recodes the car to operate the rear LEDS.
    The harness is needed as the connectors into the rear lights themselves are different and also with the LED lights the brake lights also operate on the inner lamp units (std bulb units brake lights are only outer).
    To fit the harness is inner boot trim off, its no a big job, took me a couple of hours all in.

    Link to the page with the Kufatec harness here...
    A4 - B8/8K
    It still says not suitable for RHD cars, but I can confirm it does work on UK RHD... I discussed with them first and said I'd try and let them know, but it doesn't look like they've updated the site.

    They do a bundle with the lamp units too, but it starts getting dear.... as it does if you start looking at all the other retro-fit stuff you can do with the bits on their site. Hope that helps.

    Last edited: Aug 17, 2013
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  20. Rudders

    Rudders Member

    That's a helpful post Ian, I've got some LED rears (well, 3 out of the 4 lights so far!) so will look at getting this kit once I've found the last light I need. Sounds easier than having to get the car recoded, and presumably makes it fairly easy to reverse should I want to at sometime
  21. offpist

    offpist Member

    Here is mine 2008 model, with 2013 LED`s.
    The lights in the doors are also retrofitted.


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  22. t8ups

    t8ups Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

  23. AshA4

    AshA4 Ash

    Mine is a July 2009 SLine Avant with Bi Xenons (main beam are xenon to) and it has rear LEDs, I think....
    Indicators are normal but sure all the red rear lights and break elements are bright LEDs?
    How do I find out without pulling them apart?
  24. offpist

    offpist Member

    Its really easy to see the differense.
    You can post a picture here With just the running lights on.

    This is LED. You can see all the small "dots", also known as LED lamps.


    NON LED:
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2013
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  25. AshA4

    AshA4 Ash

    Yep I got LEDs :)
    Just unlocked car and DLRs and rears came on and can see clearly the side lights are LEDs
    I take it the break lights (including high level) are too?
    Indicators and fog/reverse look like bulbs.

    Attached Files:

  26. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    Side light and brake lights are only LED rears on prefacelift :)
  27. AshA4

    AshA4 Ash

    Mine is a 2009 B8 so pre-facelift :)
    I am guessing the break lights are cos they don't half light up the garage door when I reverse onto the drive lol

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