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Led light problem, snapped the bulb holder and bulb

podiopie Jan 7, 2012

  1. podiopie

    podiopie Member

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if someone can help me, I've been changing the DRL's on my 2010 A3 1.6 Sline sportback and after 3.5 hours and doing it the proper way by taking off the wheels and going in through the arches the bulb decided to give in, it was the passenger side light it offered me a lot less room to work with

    I used some long nose pliers and looked in through the gap in the lights but snapped the bulb and the holder is damaged too......so gutted as done one but the other has ground to a halt!!!!

    Can anyone offer a solution, has anyone ever changed a bukb holder before? Has anyone tried a different way of turning the bulb in as this is where it snapped

    I have pictures but cannot attach them, frustrating day...please help

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