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LED Headlights with Audi Xenon plus/Adaptive

prezvdi Feb 10, 2012

  1. prezvdi

    prezvdi New Member

    My first post, so please be kind . . .

    My S-Line A4 B7 came factory equipped with Audi Xenon plus and Adaptive headlights. I love the brightness, as you can light up the next county at night. However, the B8 also has LED's . . .

    Is there a LED drop-in headlight that will work WITH the Audi Xenon system?

    This one from eBay implies I need to replace the factory Xenon with an after-market system. Seems like a waste of money.

    AUDI A4 S4 B7 4D 05 06 07 08 LED DRL DEVIL HEADLIGHT | eBay

    Any advice would be most appreciated!

  2. Orangio

    Orangio Member

    I dont think the units in the ebay link suit the B7 as they dont compliment the lines of the car.

    I've got the ones that are like the A5 lights, these are better in my opinion as they match the lines of the B7.

    Ive got them on mine, I was going to change them to the ones that you have as I fancy a change

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