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Leaving the scene of an accident

fraz Dec 17, 2003

  1. fraz

    fraz New Member

    Hi All,

    I've just been enformed by my employer that he has received a police notice of 'leaving the scene of an accident and dangerous driving'...unfortunatley I have just established that I was driving the company van on the day of the notice.

    I've yet to confirm the details of the alleged offence with the police, however I have a vague recollection of squeezing between two tightly parked cars on the day of the offence in the company van. Obviuosly, at the time, I was certain i hadn't clipped either of the cars but based on this noitce it would appear i did. I was travelling at 2 mph max at the time, due to the narrowness of the gap (so obviously the dangerous driving bit concerns me greatly also)

    Naturally I would have stopped if I thought i had caused any damage at the time.I am now in the very unfortunate situation of trying to prove my innocence when the odds are clearly staked against me, as it appears they are going to 'chuck the book at me'

    Has anyone else been in this unfortunate situation. Can anyone offer any advice?

    As mentioned I was in the company van at the time, so an insurance pay out would be no skin off my nose.

  2. audi_girl

    audi_girl Active Member

    Not sure tbh, I would probably just be as honest as you can be; if the alleged incident turns out to be the 2 cars you may/may not have clipped then if it was me I would own up to it (like you say, company insurance anyway) but argue the dangerous driving bit !!! 2mph would hardly constitue dangerous driving (unless you were doing something really bizarre!)
  3. nhenty

    nhenty Member

    I would speak to them and get details first and then as Audi girl says be honest.

    I had one of these a few years back for an incident in North London, my car and I were near Gatwick at the time. I phoned the police and explained, they asked the colour of my car, (at that time Red) and then said a similar car with a similar number plate but White was involved and they were trying to trace the vehicle and thought I might have resprayed it. They told me to ignore it and no further action.

    Let us know how it goes.

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