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Leather seats

J1992 Jan 15, 2011

  1. J1992

    J1992 New Member

    I've tried looking on eBay and trying google for sites that sell parts to try and find leather seats to fit a 1997 Audi a3 2dr. It currently has the material sport seats but they're a bit worn and torn around the edges. Is there any places that would most likely have them? Thanks an hi everyone ;)
  2. barnzy

    barnzy Member

    Mabey the wrong section... but.. some leather seats can be repaired by a good upholster... or ever just a dam good clean up? You can buy some tatty but not torn seats and use a conditioner to buff them up! Like Megs leather lotion... works wonders.

    Some cases may be better to buy some tatty seats as they will end up being cheaper that someone selling a MINT set?

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