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Leather repair on project

campbell1986 Nov 5, 2013

  1. campbell1986

    campbell1986 New Member


    I have been working on an audi a4 cabby for just over a year now and am nearly done :)

    I have come to repairing the leather in the back of the car. The leather was torn in the back and was a little mouldy.

    I took the rear bottom panel out of the car and stored it in a dry place in the hope that it would dry out and i could get it repaired.

    It seems the mould has spread right through the panel and has now spread to the back rest which has now caused a tear in a new panel. great.

    can anyone who has repaired or dealt with leather repair offer some advice ?

    I think i will just have to replace both units at the moment as actual leather repair seems to be very costly.

    Any advice welcome.

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