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Leather Colour Help

dovejon Apr 13, 2007

  1. dovejon

    dovejon S3 Saloon S-Tronic Phantom Black


    I currently own a 2001 B5 A4 qts. The drivers side leather bolster has some scuff marks and I want to order some scuff master dye (www.liquidleather.com/scuffs) to touch them up. The order form is asking for manufacturer colour/colour code. Does anybody have a clue as to what colour the half leather is? I have been told it looks navy but a manufacturers code/name would be useful. (Things are slightly more complicated as I am colour blind!) The exterior of the car is black and I assume that the half leather trim was offered as standard without the buyer being given a choice of colours.

    Cheers for any help you can provide.
  2. rasA4

    rasA4 Four Rings Mafia Specialist Team V6 Audi A4 saloon

    Look in the spare wheel well in the boot - there should be a label with all the option codes, and exterior and interior colour codes.

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