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leaking power steering fluid

Santigu89 Aug 10, 2012

  1. Santigu89

    Santigu89 New Member

    I was driving around the other day and I noticed my p/s fluid was low so I topped it off. Finished up what I was doing and heard this whining sound so I check my p/s again and it was low. Started looking around and noticed I was dripping p/s fluid which seemed to be coming from the high pressure hose. I cut off the insulation around it and fluid began pooring out of the insulation. I cleaned and dried the hose to made sure it was good. Turned the car on and noticed a little leak from the beggin of the high pressure hose so input a clamp on it and the leak is still there. Would a minor leak from the hose cause me to loose so much fluid or Is there somewhere else I should check? I was thinking on usin Lucus Oil power steering fluid stop. I am open to anything and have all weekend to find the problem. Suggestions please !
  2. Willf

    Willf Member

    If the hose is split - you need a new hose!

    Change ASAP - it will only get worse. When the pump whines - its low on oil and they dont tend to like that too much!
  3. hitman1978

    hitman1978 Member

    mines just been doing the same, mine ended up with a new rack

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