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Leaking Oil Feed Pipe

alex-qts Jun 22, 2010

  1. alex-qts

    alex-qts Member

    Hi guys,

    replaced the oil feed line on my 2000 QTS today, along with the radiator, and some PCV bits and pieces that I noticed during the install of the new pipe.

    When pipe had been fitted, I turned over the engine to make sure oil and coolant found its way to the turbo, then started her up, engine seemed fine for a few minutes, then suddenly the engine speed dropped for a few seconds and started again (almost like pressure had been released) and a small amount of smoke started coming from the turbo area. I turned off the engine to find that the oil feed pipe was leaking oil and a clear liquid ,coolant? around the bolt-fittings on the top of the turbo.

    Could the pipe have an oil-airlock, or are the bolts just not tight enough, I tightened the bolts as tight as I could get them and the oil feed pipe was a direct replacement from AUDI.
    looked under the car and oil was collecting in the drip-tray, I would say its lost about 2 tablespoons of oil.

    I am REALLY worried that this has damaged the turbo as is an almost brand new K04-15!

    The car was smoking really slightly before the oil leak, but pretty sure this is normal as it had been sitting for weeks.

    I am just slightly unsure about airlocks and how they work, I left the filler cap off the coolant once freshly topped up and assumed that this would get rid of any air locks, not so sure about the oil system!!

    would appreciate if anyone has any experience with this!

  2. alex-qts

    alex-qts Member

    also just wanted to add, I also have all of the Audi service sheets for the A4/S4 engines in pdf format if anyone wants them, gives details of 99% of all bodywork and engine repairs/replacements in step by step pictorial guides. everything I have ever wanted to replace was in the guides!

    starting to wish that I didnt have them now!!! and should be left to the pro's! :readit:
  3. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    to bleed the coolant system you need to retract one of the heater hoses. It has a small hole in it which lets the air out.

    i suspect the oil pipe just needs tightened a bit more, not sure but perhaps you could use PTFE or similar on the threads?

    maybe the coolant flange needs new seals?
  4. alex-qts

    alex-qts Member

    Thanks for the reply man,

    I will have a look for the bleed pipe tomorrow, and check the turbo bolts! lets just hope no damage was done!

    on another note I PM'd siena a while back regarding the fitting of a V8 into my B5, I don't have the knowledge to do this myself but thought he might be able to point me in the direction of someone who could, he didn't reply, and haven't seen him here much lately! Don't suppose you know anyone who would be interested in doing the swap?

    for the time being though - (back on planet earth!) I am saving for a B5 S4 engine - with ECU, Loom...ect and going to aim to fit this myself, or at least give it a danm good try!! there is no rush with this one for me! I am trying to learn as much as possible atm!

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