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leaking headlamp washer??

Craigybaby37_A3quattro Dec 16, 2007

  1. knowtised today i had a huge puddle of water under my car on front passenger side i rubbed my fingers in it an smelt it an it was screen wash......filled the bottle back up and it was constantly dripping from under the fog light.

    i gave the headlamp washers a squirt of water and they both work fine which i cant work out....unless the pipe has a split in it??

    Has anyone else come across this problem and will i need to remove the bumper to get a good access to the headlamp washer??

    tried removing the bumper today and removed the 3 screws inside the wheel arch on both sides, removed the 4 plastic rivits that hold the top of the bumper in and then removed the 2 big screws on the bottom of the bumper and it was refusing the budge, it felt like there was another fixing inside the wheel arch lining???
  2. Carpy25

    Carpy25 Member

    are you sure its the headlamp tube . the rear washer pipe comes off under the air filter box and leaks onto the floor under the near side wheel arch

    check the posts about the rear washer not working

  3. well i have checked inside the square plastic casing behind the battery as i know there is a join in there for the rear washer and thats fine so is there any more connections around the headlamp washer area then???

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