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Leak from front underside on A4 2.8Q

fraz May 20, 2004

  1. fraz

    fraz New Member

    Mornin all,

    Noticed last night that there is a rather large puddle of fluid on the ground under the front (radiator) type area of my car, which has been staionary for a while. I noticed that my coolant had suddenly dropped to below min last week (i topped it up only about 4 weeks prior), so i topped it up and had a quick look around the coolant bottle area, but couldn't find any leaks or any fluid at that time. Now the car has been parked up unused for a week or more and i've noticed the fluid on the floor uderneath it HOWEVER the coolant remains on MAX level from the last top up, so that obviously hasn't leaked?

    Obviously I need to get it to a gargae for a check over, but it's always nice to have an idea of what the problem might be - before i get to the garage.

    Any advice on the prob or any checks i can do would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank Fraz

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