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Launching your S4 off the line

imported_rmonckton Sep 2, 2004

  1. Hi All,

    I have tried to search but no luck.

    Just bought an S4, and new to 4 wheel drives.

    What type of rev's do you all launch your S4's at (please make mention if stock or modified S4)

    I understand if you drop the clucth too low the car will bog down but will an S4 handle a 5000rpm drop of the clucth? And will it make a difference for 0-100 kph?

  2. qA4Blake

    qA4Blake New Member

    Not to sure about S4's but they have the same AWD system as A4's. I have a 2.8 quattro and launching at 3000 rpm seems to be just right. A nice chirp of the tires and your off. But when I launch at 4000, quattro's Torsen system(a torque sensing device that keeps you from loosing traction) sort of takes on the load and acts as a "traction control". Yours might not do exactly the same considering you have 60 more horsepower.
  3. imported_RastaS4

    imported_RastaS4 Guest

    What's up Rob?

    Droping your clutch at 5000rpm on a stock S4 will wear down the car big time! Unless you are willing to change clutches very often, I don't recommend it man. In the S4 however, you can switch off the traction control!
    Furthermore, if your are driving a stock S4, most of it's torque is at low RPM (2000 to 3000rpm) because of the K03 turbos. So if you want to drop the clutch, do it between these rpms!


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