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latest news on 2013 s3

mshinebaum Jan 31, 2013

  1. mshinebaum

    mshinebaum New Member

    Hi folks. Just joined the forums to relay the latest info I have managed to weasel out of my local dealer.<br><br>After first being told orders opened in November 2012, then being told February 2013, the latest is thar the price list and brochures are due at the end of March, with the order book opening the first week of april. Apparently the hold up is a problem with the stronic gear bog hitting its emission targets. Don't know about that but they are still saying first deliveries in July.<br><br>I can honestly say i have never had such a hard time trying to spend my money before. Surely the must know prices by now. I just refuse to place a deposit before knowing the price.<br><br>Hope this info is useful to anyone else out there still waiting.<br><br>Mart

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