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Lateral acceleration sensor location?

bigdavevw Sep 30, 2013

  1. bigdavevw

    bigdavevw Member

    Hi guys, my car has a faulty sensor and i,d like to replace it to get my ESP working again. It is a 2001 T sport AUM 3dr.

    I bought a sensor like this one after being told it was the right one. Google Image Result for http://images.a8parts.co.uk/parts/10420.jpg

    I read on here that the lateral sensor is located to the left of the steering column, so i took it off and couldn,t see the sensor. I did see this sensor tho [​IMG]

    I read that they can be located behind the glove box so i hoofed that off too and couldn,t see it there either.

    Can some one tell me whats going on here please

  2. rupe

    rupe A3 TQS In Devon

    It's the little square one their in the gold bracket, take the plug off and put your fingers on either side of the metal where the plug is, pull down and it will open, it's on like a hinge. The reason you didn't find one up under the glove box is I think only quattros have the longitudinal sensor, it's the same part as the lateral only just mounted the other way.

    I bought one a few months ago £165 from tps or £150 if you can get it trade, or if your handy with a soldering iron you can take it apart and fix it which is what I did to my broken one.

    Querbeschleunigungssensor G200
  3. chris99

    chris99 s3 driver

    there's another sensor on the steering column, thought that one is the lateral acc sensor. check with that PN ;)
  4. azman

    azman Member

    if i recall the g200 lateral is on the steering column as mine threw this code many times too.
    after replacing it the traction light was still on, until i started the car the next morning and the light was out.
    in the pic you have posted, that is the lateal sensor.
  5. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    That thing in the gold bracket, thats the lateral accel sensor
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