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  1. cruisinbeatz

    cruisinbeatz Member

    Hey all, hope someone can shed some light on this. Today my car was going perfect until I washed underneath is for the MOT which is now on Friday. But since that there is now a boost/turbo problem. The car has no power at all or very little at least until you reach about 3k revs, normally the turbo kicks in at 1500k. its a 1.9 tdi 130 sport. when you do take it past the 3k revs, its normal with animal type power but dead before it. I took the MAF off just to test, made the car even worse, couldn't get up past 40mph. Checked all pipes underneath the car, no splits or air leaks can be seen or heard. Anyone got any ideas?

    p.s just remembered, I took both head lights out to take the HID bulbs out and replace normal bulbs, unless there is something possible in the drivers side I touched? Initial looking seems that everything is connected.
  2. pink.teg

    pink.teg Member

    Yes there's a black box by the drivers side head light just below it and the pipes run close to the head light maybe you moved them or
    something Sound like a loose pipe therefore lack of boost
    good luck m8

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