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Lat/long sensor reflow?

JaseS3 Nov 11, 2013

  1. JaseS3

    JaseS3 Member

    Hello all,

    Both my latitude & longitude acceleration sensors were faulty on the S3 so I replaced the lat sensor with a new one then before replacing the long sensor I noticed the german guide on how to reflow the solder yourself, I gave it a go on the old lateral sensor I now had spare but I balls it up, I tried to reflow the solder on everything I could see in there and think I overheated the chip :ermm: It didn't seem to say on the guide which bits to reflow.

    I'm planning on having a go on the long sensor itself now (as it's reading 24+ so it's knackered anyway) Does anyone know which bits I should reflow, is it just the pins that poke out for the plug or is it the chip as well?

    If it's the chip as well is there anyway to keep it from getting fried?!
  2. rupe

    rupe A3 TQS In Devon

    It's the chip you need to redo, when I stripped mine and I pulled the board out it actually left the chip behind stuck in the goo in the casing, you need to desolder the 3 pins to the connector to be able to remove the board.
  3. JaseS3

    JaseS3 Member

    Cheers rupe I'll give it another go then and hope it works this time. Its already knackered anyway so I can't make it worse :)
  4. chris99

    chris99 s3 driver

    Usually the problem it's at the 8 pins of the chip/microcontroller that need to be resoldered.

    The soldering is very bad or the goo/silicone is coroding the soldering on the pcb, or both.. When sealing, better try to use oil sump silicone or use a little lubricant spray first to protect the pcb from the action of sanitary silicone and to be able to take it out again in case need redone :)

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