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Laser Eye Surgery

Dazmo Oct 31, 2009

  1. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Thinking of having this done.

    I went for a consultation a few years ago but was recommended by optimax to wait a few years as my eyes were still changing.

    They seem to have stabilised abit now and im looking at either going back to optimax or another company such as accuvision or ultralase for another consultation.

    Just wondered if anyone on ehre has ever had it done and where they had it done, how do they get on and are they happy etc.

    Any advice would be great.
  2. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    ive thought about this as ive never worn glasses as they give me migrains and my eyes arenot getting any better :( lol
  3. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    l think Jamiekip has had this done, or mitch
  4. Keeno

    Keeno Spooly Spooly Boosty Boosty!

    No first hand experience, but apprantly if your eyes have a strong prescription (like my Mrs. - quoted £1000+ per eye!), it can reverse itself after the first round of treatment. Luckily they do a second round for free which is supposed to be permanant.
  5. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    My mate had this done recently and has found out a lot more about it since. Apparently there are 2 methods of doing this depending on your problem. For normal eye problems they cut a flap into your iris and laser underneath. It's quick and easy and you can go back to work the next day. My sister had this and she said it was brilliant.

    The other method is for those with an astigmatism like my mate had. The laser work is done on the outside of the iris and they warn you up front that it'll hurt a lot.

    He decided to have both done at the same time. His girlfriend went with him and on the drive home the pain started to kick in so bad he had to put his jacket over his head but it was still too bright, even with his eyes closed. He was off work for a few weeks and it was a good thing too as he couldn't open his eyes for a week. After that he had to have the curtains closed for the next week or so or it was too bright. He was still in a lot of pain though.

    His girlfriend told me she got home from work one day and found him on his knees by the bed crying his eyes out and praying for the pain to go.

    He was totally house bound for over 2 weeks and had to be looked after the whole time because of the pain, let alone the fact that he couldn't see.

    I asked him if looking back it was worth it. You know sometimes when you have an injury and are in a lot of pain, once it's gone you look back and you don't remember it being so bad? He said he would NEVER do it again given another chance. I said what if you'd have had one done at a time and he said he would have ended up with one good and one bad eye!

    It's totally put me off it.
  6. Essflee

    Essflee Well-Known Member

    I've thought about having this done to, I've only been wearing glasses for the last 2 years for driving and it already narks me off...a bloke I work with had his done, I'm not sure of the company he went with but he's a tad older than me and has had bad eyes for quite a few years. His wife also has bad eyes so they got a better deal I believe, I think he said it was about £2500 each which is obviously a large chunk of cash, but he can't praise the results enough, reckons it's the best thing he ever had done, says he's eyes are perfect now. Apparently his recovery was more a 24hr thing which did involve wearing shades and said they were a little sore during this time but was worth while...

    I think I'm going to stick with the glasses for time being and see how things develop over the next few years...
  7. TorqueTerrorist

    TorqueTerrorist www.sprayplan.co.uk

    I worked with a guy who had this done. He had the eye slit and opened to be lasered. He said it was the best thing he has ever done! He gave me an example of how bad his eyes were and now how good they are! You can even have your eyes made better than 20/20. Apparantly this is what jet fighter pilots have done....no honestly.... Anyway I think it cost about £3500 but he said he'd have paid double. He booked a few days off work and wore some weird glasses for a little while and he was fine!!

    Do it man...
  8. Gilly

    Gilly Member

    My wife had eye surgery at ultralase in birmingham around six years ago, only around £800 an eye, had to have her eyes cut and were a pair of special glasses for around a week after surgery

    she went from not being able to see the telly from around 5 feet away to having perfect vision 20/20.

    based on her experience i would reccomend it to any one
  9. grim ree

    grim ree Old-n-crumbly

    My wife went for a consultation for this, she's short sighted ie has to wear glasses to see distances clearly. The guy said 'yes we can sort out that for you, but by altering the focal length of the lens in your eyes you will have to wear glasses to read or do close up work' - she's seen me looking all over the house for my reading glasses so decided to give it a miss!
  10. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    Thinking about this. Been meaning to go in for the consultation for ages. Tired of contacts and glases.
  11. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    I had it done 2 weeks ago. Best thing I ever did, except buy the audi :kissmyrings:
  12. Niknak

    Niknak Member

    My wife had it done 3 years back and has never looked back, and now is saving £'s as not having to spend money on contacts and glasses. She also gets to see while in a swimming pool for example where as before she would feel shy as having to wear glasses while swimming.
  13. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I'm watching this thread closely, as it's something I've always wanted to do! I've been wearing glasses for 18 years, and the vision prescription hasn't changed much, if at all, in the last 5 years, so I fancy doing this. Some of the horror pain stories up above is putting me off though...
  14. unkle

    unkle Beer God

    Everyone seems to of sent their wives off to have this done.

    Did any of the wives come home afterwards with crystal clear vision and realise they had married an ugly bugger and left?

    /RUNS! :):):):)
  15. Gilly

    Gilly Member

    haha, mine had it done before i met her, ipso facto, she found a stunner after she sorted her eyes out !!
  16. Essflee

    Essflee Well-Known Member


    The human guniea pig...lol

    'go on dear it'll be fine' :)
  17. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    My sis in law had this done, believe it was at Ultralase in Brum as well, and also she stated its the best thing she has ever done.

    I also know a family friend that went to India and had it done there, cost them £350 to get there, £100 for the op, had a week of sunshine and came back with 20/20 vision....
  18. andy110m

    andy110m Member

    Hi All,

    I went to Optimax for a consultation but had a really bad experience, not being able to see for 2 days after. They put to much of the chemical in my eye to scan my eye.

    My dad convinced me to go to Ultralase in Manchester and I really can't recommend them enough. Its fantastic, it cost £1800 and now living with the results I 'd pay anything they'd have asked. Its hard to describe how amazing it is. If you need glasses full time and can't really see without them, this will change your life.

    My only warning in terms we all here understand, Audi's are expensive because they are worth the money in the same way Ultralase is expensive because we are worth the money! I got quoted £700 from others and really, that isn't enough money to pay someone to mess with your eyes.

    Thats just my 2p's and experience. Hope it helps you make a decision.

  19. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    I really fancy getting this done.

    Worn glasses for the past 8 years and would love to ditch them.

    I see there are a few extra's you can get going by this website.


    Anyone get the wavefront and intralase.

    I think they are supposed to help with the accuracy.
  20. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    I made the mistake of contacting optical express. I now have 25 missed calls over 1 week. I actually feel harassed.
  21. andy110m

    andy110m Member


    It was the wavefront that I got. In basic terms this completely reshapes the lense so it's got no tiny highs and lows that refract the light.

    The other cheaper option just knocks the high spots off to correct the blurred vision.

    Its the best thing I ever did, next to buying an S4 of course.

  22. Mags

    Mags Have you seen my keys?

    I've had this done about 4 months ago, at Centre for Sight down in East Grinstead.

    It was the best thing I've had done, by a royal mile.

    I personally, didn't want to go to a high street place, I looked for the best surgeon around and found a guy call Mr Sheraz M. Daya.
    He was one of the pioneers for lasik in this country and his knowledge in the field is second to none.

    It's not the cheapest place, but why worry about cost when it's your eyes being worked on?

    I had intra-lasik eye surgery.
    The operation was very easy and not at all painful.
    They give you drops of various kinds, before the Op and also a sedative, although you are fully awake when it is done.

    You lay down on an operating bed, which can be turned from the Flap creating laser, to the corrective laser without the need for you to move.

    A suction cup is placed on your eye to hold it still, whilst they make the flap, they have the very lastest laser for this (only on in this country) and it's done in about 10 seconds.
    It was amazing to watch, clear vision quickly going opaque as the laser tracked across my eye.

    The flap is then lifted, and you are asked to look at a red dot.
    This dot is rather fractured in your view at this point, due to the flap, but it's easy to see the centre, so you stare at that.

    I smelt a little bit of burning, as the laser corrected my eye, then he washed it and with micro sponges, folded down the flap and tucked in the edges.
    The same was then done with the left eye.

    It was all painless and I had 20/20 vision 10 minutes after the op.
    The only discomfort I felt, was about an hour later, which was akin to peeling onions and having an eyelash in there.
    But I followed their advise and went to sleep for 4 hours.
    I've not had any discomfort since.

    My vision now is awesome.
    I have what they term as 'Fighter pilot vision' 6/4

    Basically close to as perfect as you can get.
    6/6 or 20/20 vision is classed as normal, the very best it's thought the human eye can attain, is 6/3 or 20/10.

    I am very happy, after having to wear glasses and contact lenses for years, the sight I have now, is the best it has ever been. :hubbahubba:

    Edit: I had wavefront, but a different version than normal, as I have an astigmatism in both eyes.
    Mine was called Wavefront Aspheric. It cost £2000 per eye, which includes any after care and further ops if required, for a year.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2009
  23. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    anybody see the new "bionic" lense on the news today? Looked good ;-)

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