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Laether sports seats?

Alonzo Apr 12, 2004

  1. Alonzo

    Alonzo Member

    On the new A3 (TDI Q) is it possible to get "full leather sports seats"?
    The reason i ask is out of all the cars at my local Stealers even the S-Line they all had 1/2 Leather or cloth.
  2. yak

    yak Member

    I was trying to reply when my Windows said BSOD. Oh well, anyway, the option lists seem to differ, Finnish list being very unsupportive, I couldn't really figure it out whether they were leather or not, or sport or not. Audi.co.uk price lists says:

    "Front sport seats with Leather Upholstery, contoured side sections for increased support, manual height adjustment, – seat centres, side wings and head restraints in Vienna Leather"

    This one?-)

    - Yak
  3. Irish

    Irish Member

    I have an Audi A3 sport or Ambition as it's known in Ireland, I have full leather and the way it works with the sport is the outer parts of the seat are black and the inner part is a kind of grey leather but it's full leather.

    They do curve out more around your legs and back too - HTH.

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