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missviper Apr 25, 2008

  1. missviper

    missviper Member

    lady in changing with a towel wrapped round her,
    as she goes to the locker she drops her pound coin,
    A little boy comes over and picks it up.
    lady says " how kind of you thankyou"
    "can i hav it back now"
    boy says "only if you drop your towel slightly"
    "okay" she says
    and drops her towel just under her boobs,
    boy says "what are they"
    SHE says "their my bells"
    boy says "oh right"
    lady says "so can i have my pound back now"
    Boy says " no not untill you drop your towel again"
    lady looks a little confused and drops her towel to her waist.
    and says "now can i hav my pound back"
    he asks "so what is that" pointing to her belly button
    lady says "my button now can i hav my pound back"
    he says "no i want u to drop your towel again then i promise you can have it back"
    she reluctantly says " yes okay" and drops her towel to the floor
    boy says "what is that, pointing to her fanny"
    she says "its my slot"
    little boy says "i get it you put the coin in the slot, press the button and the bells ring"
    boy then gives the coin back and runs off.

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