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Lacking Power

grumbas Feb 11, 2010

  1. grumbas

    grumbas Member

    I seem to be suffering a gradual loss of power on my S3, but struggling for ideas where to look!

    The symptoms are it seems to lack the same degree of boost it used to have, what boost there is comes in late, and the engine sounds quite rough under load.

    If I disconnect the battery to clear all and any adaptations it will go back to feeling normal, un-plugging the MAF can improve things too. Erratically it will occasionally run normally without having to do any of this.

    I've treated it to a new MAF recently, and a full service inc plugs but I keep getting the same symptoms. In particular the engine just doesn't sound 'right'.

    Any ideas where to start looking?
  2. jonny87

    jonny87 Active Member

    boost leak would be my first thought, check as many hoses as you can see, pay close attention to the one which runs from under your inlet manifold to dv, and the one that connects to your fpr on the right hand side of the top of the fuel rail, removed any hoses recently? make sure you havent over tightened the clips causing a split

    do you have access to vagcom? plug it in and see what it throws up, would save you alot of pointless searching

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