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Lack of power :(

Stuart_A3_Turbo Nov 8, 2003

  1. Hi Guys, need some help and advice.

    After we had our A3 1.8 turbo chipped, we had it rolling roaded at a little over 200 bhp. After a while, we changed Dv's and had it rolling roaded again after the service, again, at a little over 200 bhp. Anyway, 2 months later we had it on a rolling road as it felt a bit sluggish and as we were off to santa pod, thought it best to check it out first. It came out at 187 bhp and the bloke put it down to the high temperatures. It was boosting to 15psi and dropping to 11 psi. Well, now, we have noticed even less power and on our boost guage we are peaking at 9 psi and dropping away. Could you guys give me any reasons as to why it would do this?

    I know it isnt the DV, cant see or hear any boost leaks. Only thing i can think of is actuator, MAF sensor, or the turbo is giving up. What do you guys think?


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