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Lack of power,somethings not right ? HELP !

Dan90_A3 Feb 19, 2012

  1. Dan90_A3

    Dan90_A3 New Member

    ive got an 04 audi a3 2.0tdi,last thurday the intercooler pipe decided to blow off so i cleaned the egr valve and put the pipe back on hoping this would solve the problem, but its still not running like it should be,lack of power,like a growling/air leak kind of noise when i put my foot down. The more i try to put the power down black smoke starts to come out of the exhaust its running like its restricted and wont go above 2000rpm. Has anyone got any idea's that could help ? Thanks Dan

    SWILKO Member


    I had this on my Golf. The pipe came off cos of a broken clip and once I replaced the clip and put the hose back on all was OK. It does look bad when driiving due to the huge amount of black smoke which is chucked out the back...

    I would check the hose and connections again. If there is a cracked pipe or loose connection then there is no vacuum created....I think!

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