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Lack of power-98 tdi110SE-just fixed blown boost hose.

Prawn Mar 27, 2007

  1. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    righty then, posting for a mate here!

    after looking at ford escorts, i convinced him to spend £2k on a 98 tdi 110 SE avant, with FSH and 135k on the clock.

    driving home, he found it felt a bit lacking in power compared to when he picked it up.... it apparently felt a lot like the limp mode on my mums tdi A3 when the maf was dodgy. a reset of the ignition did nothing though.

    bonnet up, and he found the flexi hose at the back left as you look at it, had blown 2 holes in it! i think from his description its the flexy hose going form the plastic intercooler piping into the inlet.

    he replaced that this evening, and says it feels better, but still not as lively as it was this morning!

    is there some nasty form of limp mode this could have caused needing VAG COM to reset it? im guessing its not the usual overboosting/maf fault the tdi's get which can just be reset with the ignition going on/off.

    if it makes any odds, he tapped up the holes in the boost pipe, , and drove it a further 150miles home. he also filled it up with fuel at asda in cribbs causeway if thats dodgy at all....

    im not really a tdi man, so short of some form of nasty limp mode needing vagcom to reset, or a dodgy maf, i dont know what to suggest!

    anyone else had this problem?

    thanks in advance

  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    Probably a MAF, TBH. The diesels have a habit of eating them at around 60 to 80 k IIRC so for a reletivly small outlay,he can get the missing performance back
  3. Bigman

    Bigman Cornish and Proud!


    It is my A4 that Nick is talking about, and being a newbie with audis i realy didn't have much of a clue.......

    When driving, the point at which the turbo kicks in is not as defined as when i picked it up/drove half the way home.

    Like Nick said i have replaced the pipe, i have used some rubber pipe of the same inner diameter but it has a greater wall thickness, i presumed that just being a flexi link between the solid intercooler hose and the inlet manifold that the bit of pipe i replaced it with would be suficient, i am guessing that the pipe should not make any difference?

    If it is the MAF is it much of a job to replace? can it be done by myself?


  4. icenutter

    icenutter Member

    I don't reckon the type of pipe will make much difference. A thicker walled one will probably be better anyway.

    Replacing the MAF is an easy DIY job. Its the thing with a plug sticking out of the top after the airbox (to the right of it standing in front of the car).
  5. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    Does the power return a little if you turn the ignition off and on again?

    Do you have any associated smoke?

    Your turbo should come on-line before 2k revs.

    Check/clean the MAF and EGR valve/inlet manifold, check bottom intercooler hose for seal or holes, check all boost control tubing especially any braided hose joints as these can look ok even when the rubber interior has gone.

    Your power loss could be caused by the timing being off. Try disconnecting the battery for 5 mins (ensure you have radio codes if needed) and see if it runs any better.
  6. Bigman

    Bigman Cornish and Proud!

    Since i have change the hose the car has been running better, when i start driving and accerlerate in 1st it is very slow to pick up, but then if i let off the pedal and then press again the turbo seems to react and start to boost.

    There is no smoke.

    EGR valve? where would that be found (sorry for my newbie like questions) and what would the best fluid for cleaning the MAF?

    As for the timing i do not have the code for my radio so don't realy want to have to remove the battery, i will look into doing this when i get a new radio as my concert radio has the volume conrol problems i have heard that can be quite comon.

  7. Bigman

    Bigman Cornish and Proud!

    I have tried cleaning it with some carb cleaner (read somewhere it works) but it didn't so tomorow i am off to a breakers that has a 2000 1.9TDI SE with nothing removed yet to have a look, can't afford a new one atm......


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