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Lack of Lux

richcrazy Oct 29, 2005

  1. richcrazy

    richcrazy New Member

    Hi, just wondered if anyone had noticed poor lighting on dipped beam? Just bought car this week and drove 400 miles in dark and wet home with not too good lights. I drive around 6 or 7 cars regularly at 5 in the morning on country roads ( sad or what ?) and my Audi is a bit poor in the lighting dept. My old Granada scorpio has better lights (sorry!). Anyway just ordered pair of Osram silverstars,, they rate well in Autoexpress tests,, anyone else got them? Cheers ,, Rich.
  2. yep they are superb..

    Ive also manually adjusted the beam on the lights, so the old 'maximum' height is now about position 2 on the adjuster - I live in the new forest, large animals freely wandering everywhere, very very few with reflective collars, and I felt the lights were always aimed too low for safety..

    As for your granada - my wifes Micra has better lights!!! and thats seriously embarrassing!

    Think you'll find a big difference with your uprated bulbs - mine were the best £30+ ive spent on the car
  3. wilkoa6

    wilkoa6 New Member

    I have had the same problem with lack of lux. I have taken advantage of Halfords current "two for the price of one" offer on their +50% brighter H7 bulbs. The bulbs are £17.99 each and I had a helpful lad fit them for an extra £7.99. He took about 10 minutes but said he had done an A6 the day before so he had worked out how to get at the bulbs. The dipped lights are now noticably brighter, so it seems a good £25.98 investment!
  4. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    yeah, i got sum 50% brighter and slight blue tinge bulbs and they do make a difference, you will find that it's not as good in the wet roads tho cos light refraction n all that but thats the same for all bulbs n lights regardless.
  5. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    The only problem I have found in the the past with the brighter bulbs (Xenon halogen) that they had a tendency to blow within a few months. I have even had one literally explode in the light housing. And this doesn't help when driving at night when both lights fail.

    Keep your originals in the glove box in case of emergencies.
  6. Hanny

    Hanny New Member Team Dolphin Grey Team V6 VCDS Map User Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic

    Hi all, I have an A6 C5 (97-), have taken advantage of the Halfrauds buy one - get one free.

    How ever one of my headlights is the original the other the previuos owner replaced - thus I have one weathered headlight and a 1 year old head light.

    Before I go looking at replacing the older one that stands out like a sore thumb, I was wondering if the later A6 headlights will fit mine?

    I have installed an aftermarket HID/Xenon system on another car in the past and it can be a bit of a mine field with getting the right parts and fitting etc etc. But not that technical.

    Anyway I am relativily new to A6 ownership so am not that familiar to what parts are interchangable.

    So do the later A6 headlights fit to the earlier A6's?
  7. jonny

    jonny New Member

    I have a new shape A6 and I also though that the headlights were rubbish. I have bought some replacement bulbs and I can't even get to the light cluster under the bonnet so went down to my local Audi dealer. Get this, they have yet to change a new A6 bulb and think that it is one hour job. i.e. £100 plus VAT!!!
    I negotiated it down to £20 in the end though.
  8. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    Getting to the lights is not difficult. just fiddly
    The lights have rear housings these are removed by releasing the retaining sprinclip upor down cant remember.

    On the V6 the OS needs the removal of the front section of the air intake pipe which slips off. the inlet funnel. This isnot required but does make life a lot easier.
  9. CheekyMonkey1

    CheekyMonkey1 New Member

    Try this company


    an HID conversion kit. The 6000K version is the one manufacturers use and will give a crisp clear light. Anything more than 6000K will be too bright / blue and you will not pass an MOT.

    Cost US$269.00 not bad when the exchamge rate is now US$1.77 to the pound.

    Its very simple to fit..just unplug your old bulb and remove. Then connect the male and female sockets together and push the bulb in and your away.

    Your Xenon lights which will be the same as the the OE ones but at a fraction of the price. I think Audi charge £1K upwards.

    Just one final note..only buy the American, Japanese or German manufactured ones as they are more reliable and will last longer. There are alot of Korean, Chinese and Malaysian manufactured ones that are cheap quality-stay well away from these.

    Good Luck!

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