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Lack of boost pressure

Krymej Jul 16, 2011

  1. Krymej

    Krymej New Member

    Hi All

    wandering if any of you guys could give me any helpful tips useful advise or any pearls of wisdom with this issue.

    i have a 2003 A3 2.0 TDI

    for some time i have been experiencing power issues, these are some of the issues i have been experiencing.

    The car constantly has no boost whatsoever but i still have revs to get me by on normal roads.. after approximately 2500-3000 revs the car loses everything no revs whatsoever, the car goes is limp, this happens more so on dual carriage ways and going up-hill. one Bizarre thing i notice is once i pull over and reset the ignition i regain revs again albeit still the lack of boost pressure (thrust) from the turbo.
    i notice i have a droning whiney sound coming from the engine before gear changes.. of course short gear changes due to not wanting to tip it over 2500 revs.

    When this first happened a couple of months ago, it seemed similar to an issue i had once before when a turbo pipe came off, so i took it to a garage near the area i was working at the time. They instantly diagnosed it as the turbo and suggested i changed boost sensor also and demanded about 2K and charged me over £60 just to tell me that.... i was very skeptical about the garage as it was literally just a shed on someones drive... but thats desperation for you!

    After limping it home i took it for a second opinion at a VW/Audi specialist garage i use near me,
    he was shocked at what i was charged for the diagnosis at the other garage and of course disregarded the K2 i was quoted for the turbo and sensor.

    after leaving the VW/Audi garage with the car he informed me that the turbo was in perfect working order and that it was the mass airflow meter (MAF).... i then took the car out for a spin... ok it seemed much better not the kick it used to have but it was better.. shortly after i lost everything again.

    after being in the garage AGAIN, he informs me that it is the boost pressure regulator... i had this fixed. once again the car still did not have the thrust it once had but it never cut out after 3000 revs like before i could at least not worry about that.

    last weekend gone i headed down to London, the car was doing a steady 70 once again i lost everything.. and had to limp it all the way to a service station so i could reset the ignition.

    i am at my wits end now, the car is once again going in the garage. the audi/ VW specialist still informs me the turbo is fine and that there must be another issue casing these problems.
    i kinda feel like taking it into a Audi Dealer... but from what i have heard they will want to change the turbo anyway. be a shame to spend all that cash if its unnecessary.

    Are there any of you that have had similar experiences? or maybe have any idea what this issue could possibly be?

    for now i am taking the car into the garage again just to see what he says next.

    many thanks

  2. AR-rkon

    AR-rkon Mod back in a "B" Staff Member Moderator Regional Rep Team V6 Team Silver Audi A6 Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Probably the VG (variable geometry) vanes in the turbo sticking. the VGT's have a common issue where soot clogs the vanes and the either stick in the open (no boost) or closed (Full boost) position. Has a code read been done on the car? as i'd suspect yours is sticking in the closed position and as such will throw a "charge pressure deviation" code, probably as a "Positive deviation", ie: too much boost.
  3. Krymej

    Krymej New Member

    Thank you for the Reply Rconn.

    the garage is in the garage (again) as we speak, the technician has run through the diagnostics numerous times ands is adamant that the turbo is fine, the MAF and boost pressure sensor where replaced as these where coming up in the fault codes, since these where replaced the same problem is occurring,

    i suppose this means a new turbo?

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