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KW Variant 1 vs FK Silverline - Help

*Unkle* Dec 23, 2009

  1. *Unkle*

    *Unkle* Member


    I am planning on changing the Audi GMBH sport suspension on my car (A2 Sport).

    The original suspension seems to have lost some of its damping ability over the last 4-5 years on country roads and groans and creeks due to top mount wear. So i am looking for some sound opinions on an upgrade.

    Option 1
    I thought about FK Konigsport as it has the Koni shocks and is damper adjustable. Then possibly thought about the upgrade to the Silverline X - still with the Koni shocks but will SS suspension to help with all year round use.

    Option 2
    KW Variant 1 inox-line SS non-adjustable (not sure if they are koni or not internally)

    Is the £100+ upgrade to KW Variant 1 worth it?

    Or is the FK konigsport or Silverline X better because i can adjust the damping myself? But then why would i be better at adjusing and setting it up compared to KW?

    The other question is are the rumors that KW set up every system to the car, just rumors? Did they really take out every model petrol, diesel etc of my car and set the suspension up or is it marketing/internet hype?

    Any help on the matter is appreciated as i can't decide.
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  2. sulaiman

    sulaiman Member

    I would have the kw's over fk's any day, from what i've experienced the v1's damping is perfect for road use and defiantly not too harsh at all. KW's are built better over fk's too.
  3. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    The KW's are in a different league compared to the FK.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
  4. *Unkle*

    *Unkle* Member

    thanks for the quick replies.

    i was set on the FK as competant for the job but now i'm not so sure

    I had heard that the FK weren't up to much but thought that was with the standard Sachs, and not the Konigsport which were considerably better? After all what is fitted as standard sports sachs via Audi GMBH?

    Also do they both just use Koni yellow twin tube or is it an "in house" system on the KW set up to their own spec?

    So much info on the net and getting to the bottom of it all is hard work, but if i'm gonna spend that much money (to me anyway) i don't want to regret it for the next few years...
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2009
  5. *Unkle*

    *Unkle* Member

    Wow only 2 people have KW or FK Konigsport or Silverline X?

    I would have thought reviews would flood in with opinions on these suspensions.

    After a further trawl on the internet i found out this info is it right?

    Fk High Sport - use sachs shocks
    Fk Konigsport - use Koni Yellow Twin Tube.
    FK Silverline-X Stainless Steel - use Koni Yellow Twin Tube.

    KW V1 use Al KO shocks from parent company.
    KW V2 use Koni Yellow Twin Tube.

    I am aware that KW are a major european racing setup, but not sure how it relates to road use or whether its like Saab showing jet fighters on ads for years when the car has no link to the jet industry at all...

    What do they do to the shock to make it better than the same Yellow Koni twin tube in Silverline -X and Konigsport?

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