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KW Clubsport & Street Comfort Coilover Now Online

DPM Apr 23, 2008

  1. DPM

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  2. Kartoon

    Kartoon New Member

    I have seen the "KW street comfort" described on the KW website.

    They sound almost too good to be true? I am looking to change the suspension on my S3 (2007) as the ride quality is, shall we say HARD! and its driving me nuts!

    I know there is this whole, coilovers V Springs & Shocks and basically it all being down to budget and personal preference etc - has anyone tried the KW Street Comforts? as it sounds like an ideal balance of performance, price and comfort....

    The country B roads i drive on are almost spine shattering in the S3, i need some smoothness back in my life without losing handling of course.

    ....and i really must stop posting in such ooooold posts../sigh
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
  3. DPM

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    The KW street comforts are great for tose wanting coilovers but still wanting a smooth ride.

    Give me a shout if you'd like a price.

    Damian @ DPM

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