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KV or JS?

warner Jun 28, 2006

  1. warner

    warner New Member

    hi, im new to this forum so go easy :)

    im looking for some information on some engines, i have the choice of rebuilding a KV 2226 or the JS 1994 to put in my gt5 track car i have had a few KV's but never had the chance to get a JS and have been told that they "tune up" better. as i have never had one before and cant find much information on the net thought i would ask you guys any input will be much apreachated

    old school wins
  2. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    is KV not 5 cylinder and JS a 4 cylinder? big difference i would have thought
  3. devilscoupe

    devilscoupe New Member


    KV and JS are both 10v 5 cylinder engines, only had one JS engine and couldn't really tell it was smaller than a KV, never attempted tuning JS either as i didnt feel the need, both great engines with little to choose between them but cant see why JS is any better to tune as they ate both so similar.

    If you're after a very fit KV engine i'm breaking a 90 quattro at the moment, let me know if interested. Can still be heard running as i only needed subframes for my coupe quattro, was going to keep as spare but am open to offers? Car is in Doncaster



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