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Kumho Tyres from Tyresave

Anito Apr 25, 2004

  1. Anito

    Anito Member

    I've seen another post on here for Kuhmo tyres but the poster was american (sorry K212), anyone else got any experiecne of these tyres?

    These folks Tyresave have a deal for 18" RS4 replicas inc Kumho tyres for £749. Looks good but is it too good /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

  2. stebed

    stebed Member

    Try and get a tyre with rim protectors as I am on my second refurb on my RS4 18". I am running 225x40x18 and the rim stands out from the tyre, you only have to look at the kerb and they are scratched!
  3. cbass

    cbass Member

    Since I'm american, I guess I shouldn't be posting... Anyway, I run the kumho 712 ecstas on my a4, and I love them. They are just soft enough to grip well, but don't get thrashed too fast. THey are a great tire in the wet though! I know a guy that races BMW 3 series' and all he runs is this tire and really loves it. I like it cause it's so cheap too!! I got mine for $78/tire, and that's a steal for a performance tire!!!
    Let us know what you end up getting.

    PS, and yes it does have a rim protector /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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