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kufatec or ebay?

luke32 Jun 5, 2007

  1. luke32

    luke32 luke32

    confused about wiring harness for rnse retro fit i have concert 1 with multichanger,+ nokia handsfree. on the kufatec website they ask if i am fitting any of these so they can give me the right harness.on ebay its just a harness will this work with my set up.also they ask if i have bose, do bose make the concert or is that something different.thanks lp.
  2. timps

    timps Shakersville

    No the bose is an optional extra with the concert radio.

    If you have bose you have a different amp in the boot that powers both the front and rear speakers.

    If you don’t have bose you still have an amp in the boot but this just powers the rear and sub and the concert radio powers the front itself hence the need for a different harness.

    As far as the eBay harness working with your set up, people would need to see its description before making a judgement.

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