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Kufatec heated rear seat harness, problems fitting ???????

nevergivup99 Sep 22, 2013

  1. nevergivup99

    nevergivup99 New Member

    Hi ,can anybody help me out ? on a previous post I explained about the problems I had with the Kufatec front heated seats wiring harness . Well at the same time as purchasing the front harness kit from Kufatec , I purchased the rear harness kit and all the bits and pieces to fit the harness .The front kit came with fitting instructions , but the rear one doesn't , and as usual the request I made to kufatec help desk fell on deaf ears .
    So I have the harness and the controllers and absolutely no bloody idea how to run the harness or where to terminate the cables or where the plugs and sockets should be .
    :think:??????? Thanks Kufatec ??????????:think:

    Has anybody done this retrofit ?? some times I really hate my OCD .:think:

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