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Kufatec fiscon Bluetooth problem

Biggs Dec 24, 2012

  1. Biggs

    Biggs Member

    Hopefully someone can help.

    Ive got a MY06 sportback which the previous owner retrofitted RNS-E , He didn't however fit the bluetooth function so last week i had my local fitter,fit a kit for me.

    Anyway, he fitted the Fiscon unit, which at first didn't seem to bad, everything paired up and seemed to be working fine.

    but for the last few days it has started to play up.

    My phone (iphone 4s) recognises the system and is showing that its paired, but the RNS-E is not showing that its paired.

    I've read as much as i could about this over the net but not much is popping up.

    I'm hearing that its a good idea to erase all conected phones from the fiscon then try pairing the phone again usually this solves the problem apparently, but my problem is that i have no way of getting into the settings of the fiscon as there is nothing at all on the RNS-E screen.

    I would go back to the shop that fitted it but with it being the time it is they are not open agian now untill the new year. It would be nice if i could figure out a simple fix in the meantime.

    Is this a common problem ?

    Anyone know if/how it can be rectified ?


  2. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    My car not fitted with the RNS-E. Instead Fiscon is accessed using the DIS and steering wheel buttons.
    When fitting the unit, I did find the interface connector lead was very stiff and caused and intermittent loss of connection.
    Apart from that the only problem I've had was a buzzing noise when taking calls. So turned down the mic's dB setting.
  3. Biggs

    Biggs Member

    It just seems very strange that it was working absolutely fine one day, then not at all the next. I'm not sure it's a wiring/connection problem as my phone still recognises the fiscon once the ignition is on.
  4. Biggs

    Biggs Member


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