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KTM put n a police pound....

colicabcadam Jun 2, 2011

  1. colicabcadam

    colicabcadam Guest

    how annoyed am i

    i got pulled over for a general check yesterday (no problem with this as KTM's get stolen a fair bit), after some talking etc, guys comes out of the cop car........... your licence has expired

    the dvla database said i had my licences revoked, first i knew of it, but there was nothing i could do about it, they insisted they were taking my bike and they did

    so i rang the dvla today...... yes your licence is marked down as being revoked, but there's no reason why, further investigation showed that it was not revoked and that an error had been made

    the revoke has been removed but takes upto 72 hours to come off (after you fax them information)

    so i now have to shed out £150 to get it from the police pound and then claim back, which i would imagine will take months, if i did not have the money, it would be crashed after 7 days and each of those 7 days would have cost £20 plus, you even had to pay for it to be crushed

    i must say, the police were useless, basically computer said no

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