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  1. Hi All, i was wondering if you could shed any light on this.

    When driving normally i get no noise at all. But if I hit a bump i get a knocking sound on the passanger side (I cant work out if it's front or back)

    It's not a squeek like when my bushes went and it doesn't knock straight away when hitting the bump, but more of an after shock? Almost as if something might be rattling?

    COuld anyone shed any light on this? Or let me know what I could look at to rule out any possibilities?

  2. Perplexer

    Perplexer Member

    Could be a snapped spring and should be easy to spot when the car is jacked up. This happened on my S3.

    If it is a make sure you get both changed at the same time.
  3. OKay I will give it a jack up and see what I can see. Orignally i thought it was my parcel shelf knocking (thats the type of noise it was) But when I took the shelf out it still made the same noise
  4. Perplexer

    Perplexer Member

    What about the stuff in the spare wheel well - is it all secured?
  5. Keefy

    Keefy Member

    Could be the ARBs and or bushes - had this recently on mine.
  6. mk1chopper

    mk1chopper Missing the S3

    Could also be worn ARB drop links
  7. fran-s3

    fran-s3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    point is could be flipping anything !!! I had a knock coming from mine and it rattled front the front could really feel it as I went over any kink on the road.. wasn't always constant... changed arb, bushes top mount ... nope! Eventually after help from here it turned out to be the shock absorber! (which was against what the mechanic advised!) I hope you diagnose it quickly mate....
  8. The Doctor

    The Doctor Well-Known Member

    Could also be the suspension top mounts. I have had my front wishbone & ARB bushes replaced with Powerflex equivalents, which has made a noticeable difference but I still get some knocking when going over bumps in the road. I think the top mounts are most likely to blame, given that the rest of the bushes are new.

    Does anyone have a guide to replacing the front top mounts? I've done a quick search & it seems to be a relatively straightforward job.
  9. Well I called into the National tyres branch on my way to work and asked if they could do one of their free inspections, but if i could watch in the workshop. While it was up on the ramp we looked at bushes wear, exhaust security and he looked at a few other things and couldnt find anything wrong.

    ONe thing we did notice though, is while the car is at a stand stil and you move steering lock through its full range, the wheels were vibrating while turning. Is this normal? He didn't seem to think so! Not sure it's anything to do with the knocking but still is odd.

    Tomorrow i will take parcel shelf and all spare tools and wheel out the boot and see if that shed's any light on things

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