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Knocking on start up

rpurdell Jan 18, 2011

  1. rpurdell

    rpurdell New Member

    hi all
    Have 2002 s8 which is a joy and wish to keep it,but have noticed that on start up a knocking rumble while oil gets around maybe for a second or so and then all seems fine,is this a problem of any serious note ??. Also has anyone got any thoughts on LPG conversion, good idea or bad idea ?
    Many thanks for your thoughts.
  2. icenutter

    icenutter Member

    If the oilways in the engine are getting a bit clogged up, then that would slow the oil getting around the engine.

    You could flush the engine out with flushing oil, then put some good stuff in it's place.
  3. briang9

    briang9 New Member

    My 2002 S8 with 69k on was getting a bit noisy on cold start, sounded a bit "bottom end", took it to an Indie Specialist and he suggested a new oil pump as a good starting point, unless he could be sure the oil pressure was spot on, anything else could be a bit of a wild goose chase to be honest. Anyway it wasnt cheap but seems to have done the trick, and way cheaper than a new engine if damage is being done on start up. (lots of folks suggest the V8s are a bit noisy on start up anyway but mine was very loud)

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