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Knocking from Steering - S4

Osnim Apr 1, 2008

  1. Osnim

    Osnim New Member

    Hi, firstly just joined this forum, so hopefully get some great tips and tricks !! .. having just bought an S4 (B6) and still under warrantly I have the following issue .... over slighlty rough road surfaces (i.e cobbles) I have a knocking coming through what feels like the steering rack / Steering wheel.. over normal surfaces or potholes it is fine.. only on slightly rough surfaces.. so far 2 garages, both cant find a fault "seems ok to me mate!" ... can anyone offers any suggestions ? - would appreciate as warranty runs out next week and sods law....

  2. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    ...with a weeks warrenty left Id be getting into the stealers again ASAP and telling them straight it defo aint right, even if it runs over the warrenty and they still have it with them they will have to get to the bottom of it.
    Thats what Id be doing anyway mate.

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