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Knocking/Clicking noise during acceleration/deceleration

hfu May 22, 2007

  1. hfu

    hfu Member

    Hi all, wonder if anyone can help with a weird problem.

    Getting a knocking noise when accelerating or decelerating slowly, particularly noticeable when in very slow stop-start traffic < 20mph.

    It seems to be coming from the front driver side, somewhere like from the door or wheel. It's not a loud noise, just a quiet but very annoying sound.
    I dont know if its anything rattling, if if I set off really slowly, you still get the noise - its almost sounds like it's "electromechanical".

    At higher roads speeds, its not noticeable at all.

    Any ideas?
  2. gavins3

    gavins3 New Member


    I've been having this problem too although I only get mine on acceleration, no idea what it is. It disappeared a while back to be replaced by a creaking noise, which turned out to be a hydraulic pipe rubbing on the power steering pump which I sorted.

    The knock then returned, and has now developed into another creak. When I was checking it all out I noticed my wishbone bushes seem a bit shot, could it be this?
  3. hfu

    hfu Member

    strange, i thought it might be something like the bushes, however I had these checked a year ago, and also the car has only just been serviced in April and they didn't find anything.

    after listening to the knocking noises a little more, it seems to be occuring with any acceleration or deceleration, especially noticeable at lower speeds, e.g. over speed bumps.

    might have to take it to the stealer to see if they can find anything...

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