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Knock Knock - Whos there - 2nd attempt???

DAMO1.9TDI Jun 17, 2010

  1. DAMO1.9TDI

    DAMO1.9TDI 130BHP+,A4+ K & N Filter, Tuning Box.

    :banghead: I have a very noticable knocking that sounds like its coming from the passenger side - (Footwell area) when driving. more noticeable over bumpy roads at lower speeds.

    A knocking sound can be heard with the engine turned off & turning the steering wheel 1/4 turn left - right -left - in a stationary position, sounds like is coming from in or around the gereral area of where the battery is located.

    I also notice a slight wandering in the steering direction at higher speeds over despressions in the road etc.

    52 reg A4 170K clock, the noise has gotten more noticeable after installing an FK AK Suspension Coilover Kit - Firmer suspension - hence the knocking has become more noticable and is drivin me nuts.

    This is what I have done to date : (after installing coilovers)
    Changed both upper arms, drop links & anti-roll bar bushes, took out both lower arms inspected bushes & ball joints, Changed Tie rods ends , inner tie rod ends fine, done this for both sides. The clunking is only getting worse, I am now thinking it the steering rack - Going to try the steering gear adjustment as described in the haynes manual on the steering gear, then the next step is to take out the steering rack and see where it goes from there- cost me enough £££'s already - no point stopping now.

    Anyone got any ideas before I end up having to re- mortgage my house!!!!

    please help

    Signed :

    Desperate :banghead:
  2. deanski

    deanski wax on, wax off

    i had the same prob but on my old rover 75 and it was the strut bearing. dunno if the audis have these but the symptoms you describe are exactly what i had.
  3. DAMO1.9TDI

    DAMO1.9TDI 130BHP+,A4+ K & N Filter, Tuning Box.

    Thanks for your reply : but the A4's dont have a strut bearing, there is a rubber mount at the top of the strut, I checked the condition of those when I installed the Coilovers - they were fine, Thanks anyway.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2010

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