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Knock in first, second, reverse!!!

Ads Jul 25, 2009

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    Just had the cambelt and waterpump changed on my 2.0 FSi. I have now noticed a single knock when I do the following:

    1) if I pull off in first gear reasonably quickly as soon as I am totally off the clutch with a bit of gas I hear a knock
    2) changing up to second as soon as I am totally off the clutch with gas I hear a knock
    3) reverse reasonably quickly, again when totally off the clutch I hear it.
    4) if I drive along in first gear with the clutch fully up and then come off the gas totally so i can feel the car slow/lurch (still with the clutch up) I hear the knock. Knock happens again if I press the gas again, still with clutch up.

    The knock sounds like it is coming from inside the car, drivers side. But can't be 100% sure that it is. It's not a very loud knock, can only really hear it with windows closed.
    Thought it could be caused by something moving about that I keep in my car, but the knock doesn't happen when breaking hard or when going over bumps. Also doesn't happen if I rev car in neutral, or in gear with clutch down.

    I plan to take car back to dealers, but grateful if anyone has any ideas of what it might be.

    Seems like it's linked to the accelerator/gearbox??, because as above, can also hear it when first gear is fully engaged and I go on/off the gas.

    I'm no good with engines..... does the cambelt/waterpump have anything to do with accelerator/engine speed, or is there anyway possible that it could cause a knock???

    Cheers guys.
  2. JST_A3

    JST_A3 Member

    It seems as though the noise is caused by engine movement. I would suggest checking around the cambelt area for any misplaced pipes or brackets which may not have been aligned correctly when the garage changed the cambelt.
    The alternative is that the engine mounting has not been tightened correctly and it's coming loose! I believe the bolts are special stretch types and need to be replaced when they have been removed. Are these items listed on your receipt?

    If you can't see any loose items or obvious cause of the noise then I'd take it back to the garage for them to check over.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2009
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    Cheers fella!!
    Good call on the engine mounts/movement!
    Just popped to my local dealer and took a tech for a road test. Straight away he asked if mounts had been changed when cambelt was done. He said it sounds like the driver's side one could be causing the problem.
    Booked in next week for proper inspection.
  4. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    glad l came across this thread. lve got something happening when changing into 2nd and 3rd. Squeaking, just a little bit but there all the same. Any ideas.
  5. 10blazin


    hope you get it sorted eythree and its nothing to silly .....
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    Thanks man. Fingers crossed!

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