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Klutch Clothing Promo

Discussion in 'Offers and Promotions' started by Autograph Cars, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Autograph Cars

    Autograph Cars Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    We have a selection of Klutch T-Shirts and Hats that we are offering to ASN Members for £15, down from £17.50.

    We have a lot of designs and sizes in stock but don't have every size of every design.

    Have a look at: Clothing

    If you want to know availability of colours / sizes etc then just post a reply to this thread and we will let you know if it's on the shelf.

    dub_and_co_retro_6_t_shirt.jpg klutch-low-t-purple.jpg klutch_more2life_t.jpg klutch_low_leader_chocolate_cap.jpg

    Pics are just examples, have a look a the 'Clothing' link above for more styles.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2012
  2. JtotheD

    JtotheD Events Moderator

    more2life t in a small?
  3. Autograph Cars

    Autograph Cars Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    We've only got more to life in Medium or Large, in blue or red.

    The only smalls we've got in mens are: 'Second Revolution' - black, 'Klutch Classic' - black, and 'MK4 Rising Sun' - black

    And we've got 'MK1 Girl' - white, and 'MK4 Roll' - black, in small ladies.

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